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I am a native South Carolinian, having been born at Myrtle Beach AFB. But, after growing up in Charlotte and working as a chef in Breckenridge CO, Charlotte and Charleston, I decided to make my woodworking hobby my career and live in the lowcountry.  Working for someone else in the business for three and one-half years developed further my woodworking and restoration skills and knowledge of antique furniture.  I then established Katko Antiques Restoration and Refinishing in January 1999.Not only do I enjoy going to work every day and seeing the fruits of my labor, I take pleasure in getting to know my clients and seeing their positive reaction to my efforts.I have 2 wonderful children, Ben and Leah and we all love to go camping whenever we can.  When I find some free time, I like to fish and, of course, cook.I look forward to serving you!
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